Customer Support


To access Qlickit Customer Support, please follow the link below. 

QlickiT Customer Support Site 
(opens in a new page)

Once you arrive at our Customer Support site you will be required to sign in. Please note that your email address will be your business email address.



If you have not been issued with a password please follow the 'Password forgotten' link.  

You will then be prompted to enter your email address, and an email will be sent with a fresh password.

If this does not appear to work, please contact us directly at


Logging a new support request

After you have logged in please proceed to the Helpdesk tab where you can view all your past interactions with Customer Support. If you wish to log a new requeste you can do this here by clicking on “Create new ticket”.

Select from one of the following categories for your support issue:

Hosted Server Issue
This should only be selected if you are having trouble with our hosted server service.

QlikView Application Issue
This should be used for most queries relating to using your Qlikview application.

Qlikview Product Issue
This is the only exception to the above, and covers where a bug with the QlikView software itself.  


Once you have selected you category please also insert a brief title in the relevant box. Following this enter your support request in full in the enquiry field - please try and be as detailed as you possibly can.

If you feel images would help with the enquiry place them into a file and upload via the Choose File button below the enquiry box.  

Unless you wish all your colleagues to be included within your support request, please ensure you untick the “Allow other people in my company to view this this”.

We will look at your issue and reply back as soon as possible.